Country singer/songwriter/author and American Patriot, Lee Greenwood, joined nearly 100 other nationally renowned authors at the National Press Club’s 35th Annual Book Fair & Authors’ Night. Lee signed copies of his new book, “Does God Still Bless the U.S.A.? A Plea for a Better America.” The book is his latest offering of personal insights, views and opinions into his visions of America’s challenges and America's future.

The Book Fair is a benefit fundraiser for the mostly non-profit National Press Club Journalism Institute, which provides college scholarships and training for young journalists. The SEED Foundation joined forces with the National Press Club (NPC) this year to insure the funds were raised for the organizations philanthropic endeavors. The NPC helps prepare underprivileged students for college success starting at the boarding school levels in the District of Columbia and Maryland.

Greenwood will now appear on the TODAY Show Friday morning, November 16 where he will take a special role in the lives of 25 people as he participates in their naturalization ceremony to become United States citizens. Perfectly fitting to the occasion, he will perform “God Bless The USA”.

Greenwood says; “God Bless the USA is the song I always felt the need to write. I wanted to have something that would unite Americans from coast to coast. I wanted to instill pride back in the United States. The song represents my family, my community and those men & women who have paid the price for the freedoms we all love & enjoy.”

Source: Lee Greenwood press release


 VIDEO: Lee Greenwood sings - "God Bless The USA"