To me, Jason Allen will always be the Texas country singer who knows how to translate lyrics into pure emotion. He has done some heartfelt, tear-jerking ballads the song, but Jason's latest single, 'I Did' has a more happy feel.

One of the real good guys in Texas country music, Jason is back with a song about finding inspiration within ourselves. Allen tells us that 'I Did' (a tune with a distinct Merle Haggard feel) is about "going through a hard time, and then you see a light at the end of the tunnel. And it's not a train." Allen describes the new single as, "Sometimes life beats you up to the point that you don't think you're going to survive, and you're barely hanging on, and all of a sudden, that sun starts shining's okay to go through hard times."

While the new song sounds reminiscent of The Hag, Jason Allen's overall talent for connecting with his fans on a different level reminds me of legendary singer-songwriter Earl Thomas Conley. Conley let you believe that every song he wrote and sang was his last, and that song was all he wanted to be remembered for, and there's some of that in Jason's songs.

I also enjoy hearing Allen's classic country influences in his music. Take a listen to a clip from 'I Did', and be inspired: