Jason Allen is one of the great pure country singer-songwriters in Texas music. Country music purists love him for that reason, and Texas music fans love Jason because he's a genuinely talented artist, and a really good guy. I love him for all those reasons, plus he took some time to visit the KEAN 105 Afternoon Show!

We opened the conversation talking about Jason's latest single, 'I Did'. "It's a positive message. Usually, I mean, I've had stuff like 'Kickapoo Creek', where it's 'you put your beer in the bucket, the bucket in the boat.' and that kind of stuff. I've had some tear-jerkers and some party songs, but this is a little bit more on the serious side.". I asked about the live shows, and if Jason and his band are keeping busy. "We're about to jump into it hardcore. We are going to be slammed from here on out. Our thing is, we're gonna do the radio tour, then after the radio tour we follow up with live performances in those towns that we went and visited."

Jason Allen is a really good guitar player, and he enjoys playing the electric live. He tells us, "I like to play. When I play my live shows, I pull out the Telecaster, and I turn on the...my Van Halen comes out. All of a sudden I want to be a lead guitar player. Now, sometimes it's kinda hard to remember to sing...I was wanting to start a band one time. The band would be called 'WD40', and the guitar player's name would be called 'Axle Grease' you know, like Axl Rose, and you'll have all these different names, like the drummer's could be like 'Lugnut' or something. All these different corny names, but it'd be a rock band." Interesting. Let's hope Jason keeps that idea on a high shelf.

Jason also grabbed his guitar and played a fun song for us, the title track from his 'Lovin' You' CD for us in studio. Take a listen to the song, and the entire conversation with Jason here: