El Pasoans can agree that going out to eat with family or friends can sometimes be pretty pricey. Especially if you’re feeling fancy and want to splurge a little at a nice restaurant.

Well, if you’re tired of breaking the bank just to enjoy a nice meal out then I have some good news for you because apparently, El Paso is one of the most budget-friendly cities when it comes to dining out!

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SumUp gathered data and is revealing the scoop on the top US cities that won't break the bank when you plan on dining out with family or friends!

According to recent data, the cost of dining out has skyrocketed in the past decade, leaving many Americans feeling the pinch.

El Paso has emerged as the ultimate destination for budget-friendly bites, topping the list as the cheapest city in the US for dining out. With an average price tag of just $11 for an inexpensive meal and $65 for a fancy dinner for two, El Paso is a foodie's paradise without the hefty price tag.


SumUp's analysis also reveals that you can sip on your favorite brew without breaking the bank, too.

Domestic beers will only set you back $3.50, while imported ones are just $7. So whether you're craving a cold one after a long day or planning a romantic date night, El Paso has you covered.

Here’s a look at the top 10 Budget-friendly U.S Cities For Dining Out: 

El Paso

Texas$11.00$65.00$3.67$3.50$7.004.0IndianapolisIndiana$25.00$77.50$4.03$5.00$7.503.5JacksonvilleFlorida$18.00$80.00$4.66$5.00$6.003.2Fort WorthTexas$17.99$60.00$5.27$5.30$7.623.2PhiladelphiaPennsylvania$20.00$77.50$4.73$6.00$8.003.1Las VegasNevada$20.00$75.00$5.43$5.00$7.503.0CharlotteNorth Carolina$20.00$80.00$5.03$6.00$7.003.0San AntonioTexas$18.00$75.00$5.65$5.00$6.502.9Oklahoma CityOklahoma$15.00$67.50$5.59$6.00$7.252.9DallasTexas$20.00$80.00$5.28$6.00$7.002.9 





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