Holiday Bar Hopping
There's only so much time we can spend with our family, during the holidays, before we need to decompress. Here's a list of bars to hit during the holidays.
Elvis Presley
Have you ever had a song get stuck in your head and you can't get it out? Well that's what has happened to me with the Elvis Presley movie classic that's in the Heineken TV beer ad. The song and dance Elvis does in the movie "Fun in Acapulco" are unforgettable. If you ever saw it, your brain is tattooed for life. Here's the movie clip of the King mixing it up with the song "Bossa No
Kevin Fowler "Beer Buckle"
Kevin Fowler called me a couple days ago and said "Let's do a special 'Kevin Fowler Bubba Bundle' give-away for my upcoming show" I agreed. I then asked 'What exactly is a Bubba Bundle Kevin?' Fowler says it's the usual stuff like a t-shirt, coozie, hat and tickets. What makes it a Bubba Bundle is his brand new, really cool "Kevin Fowler Beer Buckle" that holds your beer. Fowle

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