2023 was a tough year across Texas for major brand stores. Stores like Target and Walmart lost many of their brick and mortar's so the question remains, will Texas lose any more stores in 2024?

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Canva
Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Canva

While Texas only saw one Walmart close down in the entire state; it still is alarming that this many stores closed down in the span of one year. The retail giant didn't give any further details as to why these stores were subject of closure beyond the stores underperforming, but maybe one other retail giant may give a bit of more insight as to why Walmart closed down so many stores.

Last year, Target closed down nine stores claiming theft and organized retail crime have made the environment unsafe for staff and customers – and unsustainable for business.

These two retail giants are just the tip of the iceberg; there are so many more brand stores that are facing closures; so will any of these 20 stores close down more stores in Texas? Check out the reasons behind some of the closures:

20 Big Brands That Could Shut Their Doors in Texas in 2024

Profit losses, theft and other factors are causing many of these name brand stores to shut down. Will any of these continue to shut down in Texas this yer?

I know for sure, some of these stores have already ceased to exist in El Paso, Texas- like the Bed, Bath & Beyond. Will some of these become stores of the past like Anchor Blue or Borders?!

Profit losses, theft, controversy and other factors are causing many of these name brand stores to shut down. Most of them are closing down in order to cater better to their online shoppers; Best Buy has already done away with all their physical media (RIP) like DVD's & Blu-Ray's.

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Gallery Credit: Brad Elliott

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