So my daughter calls me while I'm on the air, and begins telling me she needs a new car because her little Ford Ranger is not running right, and she barely made it home. After I calmed her down, she explains she was sitting there eating her lunch while scrolling social media when her vehicle "began giving her fits".

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I look up at the thermometer outside the studio window, and it shows that the temperature outdoors is 107 degrees. Yes, Daddy's little princess was sitting in her truck with it running in this heat and the AC going full blast and she wonders why her vehicle is not operating properly. Well, it could be that she's not treating or maintaining her vehicle properly.

That's when I explained that there are a few things that need to be done to maintain her vehicle in good operating condition. What was a nice relaxing lunch, turned into, me having to call O'Bar Wrecker Service and having her truck towed over to our mechanics' shop.

Here are the 'Top 5 Things To Do' I learned online years ago from Global Automotive, that help me in maintaining our vehicles in tip-top shape.

Top 5 Texas Hot Weather Car Problems

#1 - Tire Blowouts Caused by Under-Inflated Tires & Heat
#2 - Weak Battery Issues Caused by Cold Winter and Hot Summer
#3 - A Broken or Weak Vehicle AC
#4 - A Broken or Worn Serpentine Belt
#5 - Overheating the Engine

If you continued to drive your vehicle with it overheating, you could blow the engine completely. Avoid all vehicle problems by being proactive and remember to drive Texas Friendly.

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