After over three decades of serving the Big Country, McKay's Bakery is closing. I received a call from owner Amy Riley today: "It's been a wonderful learning experience for 30 years." She added, "I never thought I would be a baker of cakes. At the same time I did not want to let my dad down, so I took over the family business. All the money in the world would not be worth it if you didn't enjoy doing it. I have."

McKay's Bakery, which started out as Snow White Bakery in the old Lawrence Brothers Supermarket at the corner of South First and Sayles Boulevard, will be closing down permanently on July 27, 2023. Amy said sales have been brisk since the news broke about the bakery's impending closure.

While Amy is looking forward to retirement, I am saddened at the fact that an iconic Abilene legacy is closing. My mom practically lived at Snowhite Bakery - and then McKay's. My mom's favorite recipes were the McKay's pecan pie and the pecan crumbles. The day prior to my mom's passing, she asked for a slice of McKay's pecan pie. Amy had one ready.

The closing of McKay's comes with mixed feelings for me as I have thousands of memories involving the most awesome bakery in the Lone Star State. So, before I start bawling like a baby: McKay's, thank you for the memories. I will miss you, and so will the entire state of Texas.

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