We've all seen some interesting things in the state of Texas.

The Lone Star State is both big and filled with different things we'll experience day after day. There's always going to be something however that sticks out in our mind everyday. But what could we see that stays in our mind the whole day?

It could be an act of kindness that warms our heart. Or perhaps we see emergency personnel going somewhere and we hope everything is ok. But there's one particular event some of us have seen, and that's someone offering dogs for sale at a street corner.

Can one offers puppies at a price in public in Texas? The answer is very simple.

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Is It Legal To Sell Puppies In Texas Publicly, Like On The Corner Of The Street?

To find out the answer, we turn to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Are there laws in Texas that allow prohibit the sale of dogs publicly? As it turns out, yes, there are laws that prevent this from happening.


Per the Star-Telegram, state laws make it illegal for one to selling puppies on a street corner. If a Texan chooses to offer dogs or cats on a corner of a street, it is indeed illegal. A fine will be handed out if one is found to be doing it.

In addition, the Star-Telegram reveals a Texans needs a breeding license to offer puppies, with kittens also included in needing the previously mentioned license. Additionally, cities in Texas have different guidelines for selling animals.

So if you're going to sell animals, make sure your doing so legally!

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