I have plenty of personal favorite holiday movies. Some are true classics like "It's A Wonderful Life," and the Alastair Sim version of "A Christmas Carol." However, some subvert the genre like "Bad Santa," "Scrooged" and under-rated Ryan Reynolds holiday-flavored "Just Friends" with sweet ending despite sour beginnings. And then there's always the big debate about the greatest action movie of all-time "Die Hard" being a "holiday" film because the main action takes place on Christmas eve. Well, "Die Hard" was sadly left off the option for a brand new holiday movie poll

In a recent poll taken by Offers.com they have "Home Alone" in the number one spot.  In the final tally, 18% of those surveyed picked the Macaulay Culkin classic over the Jim Carrey version of "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" which garnered 14%. The 1983 classic "A Christmas Story," and "It's A Wonderful Life" were third and fourth on the survey. That's right! Macauley Culkin defending his home from the Wet Bandits is number one!
However, that wasn't the only thing Offers.com asked about.  They polled 1,072 U.S shoppers over 18 to name their favorite holiday food, traditions, New Year resolution, and more.
Hungry? Well, this holiday season you'll probably have a slice of pumpkin pie. The sweet place first with hot cocoa and egg nog second and third.


And, what about your cat or dog? Well, the survey found out hat 27% of holiday shoppers plan to buy a gift for their pet. We are keeping Petco in business at our house but that is another story.
As for New Year's resolutions - number one was saving money followed by reducing stress and exercising more.
You can check out the full holiday survey results here.





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