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Is it legal for traffic police to hide in order to catch drivers speeding and or breaking the law in Texas? I was always told that a portion of the police cruiser had to be visible. Furthermore, at night they have to at least keep their parking lights on to be seen, right?

I mean, aren't there laws in place that talk about entrapment and is that not what the police are doing? The simple answer is that, YES it is perfectly legal for a police officer, state trooper, and or Sheriff's Deputy can hide and no they do not have to have their parking lights on while clocking drivers that are speeding, according to Quora.

So here goes, what I learned from you the listeners sharing where Mister Po Po is hiding

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Speeders are breaking the law and the officer's responsibility is to keep us all safe and help us all to avoid senseless traffic accidents. After all, every time I hear about another traffic fatality it's always because someone was speeding and the deceased was not wearing their seatbelt.

So I asked listeners on air and on the radio station's Facebook page where is it that we see police either hiding or laying low and then jumping out there to catch speeders. The information just poured in.

First off, I asked because I know that where ever that officer is sitting they're waiting for the lawbreakers to come zooming by and they light them up. The other day I was on my way to work and I saw mister police from a mile away, and sure shootin' as soon as I went by him his lights and siren came on and he took off after Speedy Gonzales that was passing me like I was standing still.

So my advice is that we should always obey the laws and be polite when driving because one never knows when we are going to be in need of each other's help. Now, as to where they are setting up on a regular basis it's because those are some highly traveled roads and they are very dangerous roads.

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