Living in Dallas, Austin, Amarillo and Longview, Texas we know it's going to be hot during the summer, it's just a fact of Texas living. Many Texans seek relief from the heat by splashing around in a pool, whether it's a public or community pool or one in our backyards, they can cool us off on those sweltering days.

While we're all preparing for those hot days to arrive, we're in the stores trying on and picking out that perfect bathing suit for ourselves and our kids. While shopping for that swimsuit have you ever stopped and given a thought about its color and how it could potentially save your life or your child's life?

The color of the swimsuit could increase your child's risk of drowning. According to the Centers For Disease Control (CDC), 4000 people drown in the US every year, and it's the leading cause of death for children under four.

On a bright sunny day, that cute pale blue one-piece suit your child is wearing will quickly and seamlessly blend in with the water they're in. It's not just blues either, whites will blend in and then you'll want to avoid brown and dark colors because they could be mistaken for a grouping of leaves in the bottom of the pool or blend in a lot easier if they're swimming in a lake.

While those colors are cute, if you turn your attention away from your child briefly and they get into trouble you might not realize it because that swimsuit is basically the same color as the water now. Lifeguards tell Today, "Putting your kids in a bright color would help us identify in a crowd. Blue blends in with the water, making them harder to see."

What are the best color swimsuits for kids?

When it comes to swimsuits the brighter it is the more visible you are going to be while underwater. Neon orange, yellow, pink, and green seem to be the most visible. If those are not readily available, choose red, yellow, or orange. Also, swimsuits that are 'loud' with designs or patterns make you more visible underwater.

Above all while you're having fun at or in the pool with the kids, always keep an eye on them because things can change quickly.

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Safety around the pool is important

  • NEVER go swimming without a buddy
  • NEVER dive into water headfirst without knowing the depth of the water
  • NEVER host a pool party without a dedicated lifeguard
  • NEVER mix alcohol and swimming
  • KNOW basic CPR skills
  • KNOW how to swim
  • AVOID pool drains and 'self-cleaner' equipment
  • STAY hydrated

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