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With all the cold weather we've been having, I've been Jonesing for some good ole Texas Red Chili. But because of the cold weather, I don't feel like getting in the kitchen standing over the stove making my world-famous Dragon's Breath chili, because it takes time and patience to create my masterpiece. So I've decided to dine out.

First off, let's settle the battle of 'beans in Chili.' Traditionally, beans are NOT used in chili in Texas, so adding them to the dish is considered to be sacrilegious. Although the States Legislation doesn't specifically state that beans are illegal, in order for the traditional bowl of Texas Red to be classified as “real, honest-to-goodness, unadulterated Texas chili” a 'bowl of Texas Red' has to come completely free of any kind of beans period.

10 Locations to Get a Bowl of Texas Chili

When you are hungry for Chili, here are 10 locations to get a bowl of Texas Red

More interestingly, on a recent episode of the popular TV show Yellowstone the character named Jimmy from the 6666 Ranch stood up and posed a question at the dinner table "who puts beans in chili?"  The room was divided, however, the law is the law and it states that there have never been beans in chili.

The following resolution was introduced in the House of Representatives of the State of Texas, which was adopted by the Senate, the Texas Legislature officially proclaimed chili as the state dish of the Lone Star State in 1977 “in recognition of the fact that the only real ‘bowl of red’ is that prepared by Texans.” The legislation goes on to state that “one cannot be a true son or daughter of this state without having his taste buds tingle at the thought of the treat that is real, honest-to-goodness, unadulterated Texas chili.”
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I asked our listeners and they responded with a quick and decisive answer, "there are no beans in chili." Then I asked another question, "where in Abilene can you get a good bowl of chili?" The most common answer was "my house." That aside, several restaurants were named, and in some places, I didn't even know they served chili.

Here's the good and bad news, the good news is, there's a new restaurant in town with some darn good chili, but the only thing is 'it's a brisket-based chili (I loved it, but my wife didn't) its at Winchester's Pub and Grill. The bad news is that Al's Mesquite Grill has closed permanently.

I'm of the opinion the two best places in Abilene to find great chili is the Mexican food restaurant called Farolitos and the new place Winchester's Pub and Grill. So, if you're cold and craving a bowl of Texas Red, just look at the photos and pick one, and happy eating y'all.

Yes, Texas Chili is the official State Dish of the Lone Star State of Texas proclaimed into law in 1977. It clearly states that there are to be NO beans in a bowl of Texas Red Chili.

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