A majority of Texans have a sense of humor. We can laugh at a silly statement or understand the clever wording of a sign that offers a good reminder. During our road trips, we see signs along the interstate that has some clever wording simply to remind us to buckle our seatbelt, use our turn signal, slow down or any other reminder. We get a giggle out of them, check to make sure we're doing what the sign says and continue on our trip. But, our wonderful federal government doesn't find them funny and has issued a ban on those clever messages in Texas and the other states.

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Clever and Funny Signs

We see them along Interstate 20. We see them along the major highways in Dallas. We see them on any other major roadway in Texas. I'm talking about large digital electronic signs setup specifically to give us information like road closures, Amber Alerts and other tidbits of information. If it's a slow news day, they'll display some clever sayings that remind us to slow our speed, buckle our seatbelt or watch out for road crews. Problem is, even though these signs do make us think about how we're driving, the federal government isn't laughing because they're a bunch of fuddy-duddys.

U.S. Federal Highway Administration

The unfunny folks at the U.S. Federal Highway Administration has given states until 2026 to stop using pop culture references, clever wording or being laugh out loud funny with their road signs (KHOU). Their reasoning, they believe the signs can be misunderstood or distracting to drivers. Oh, and it took an 1,100 page manual to explain the ban. How much did that cost us tax payers to print out?

Some Signs That Have Gone Viral

Some of the signs that have gone viral are "Use Yah Blinkah" or "Turn Signals, the Original Instant Messenger," "Texting and Driving? Oh Cell No" or "Speeding Leads to the Dark Side" among hundreds of others. We have enough of a sense of humor to understand what these signs are saying, our federal government does not.

Sad to See Them Go

So yeah, as we embark on road trips in 2026 and beyond, we won't be able to get a good giggle from those road signs while traveling along the interstate. Boo!

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