It's time for (most) ladies to become "hunting widows".  That's what the women who are non-hunters are called when hunting season rolls around and their husbands leave to sit in the fields and blinds.  I have become a hunter so I go with my man to the field and blind...most of the time anyway.  So today is opening day of dove season. We headed to my dad's place in Potosi to do some bird hunting.  This weekend however, we will be heading to Winters for their annual Dove Fest.  There is lots to do there even for those who aren't hunters.

They will have the city pool open, gun & knife show, trade show, and even a show tribute to Elvis with Harvey McFadden and of course dove hunts that benefit the West Texas Rehabilitation Center.  So even if you aren't a hunter you might want to take a quick trip to Winters for the other activities.


There were a few birds flying today but it wasn't great. I got 1 dove with 8 shots(I didn't shoot 1 bird 8 times) but you get my point. I was well under the limit but the bright side is I didn't have to do a lot of cleaning!! And the sunset was beautiful.