No Trespassing Purple
In Texas, a purple painted post, gate or tree equals 'No Trespassing'. It's been Texas law since 1997 and disobeying it is considered criminal trespassing.
Hunter's Feed
The Cross Plains Chamber of Commerce is hosting their annual 'Hunter's Feed'. Make plans to attend Saturday, Nov 5th and plan to enjoy a free barbecue lunch.
Hot Texas Buck
What does a big whitetail buck do during a hot day in south Texas? How about taking a bath in a small washtub. Easier said than done though, watch.
Love and Theft
Watch as Love and Theft's Stephen and Eric go hunting for a giant squirrel in this hilarious video. I believe these two were looking for an excuse to have fun.
Dove Season Hunting Tips
The season opens Monday, September 1st for Central Zone Texas hunters. Everyone is getting their guns cleaned and ready, stocked up on shells and gear and chomping at the bit for sunrise September 1.
Is This the Case of a Lousy Shooter or a Deaf Deer? You be the Judge
As I'm watching this video, I thought 'that deer is dead, this hunter is about to bag a real nice trophy buck'. Then half way through the video I'm cheering for the deer and laughing my butt off. Is this guy that lousy of a shot? Is his scope that far off? Then I begin to wonder 'could this be the case of a deaf deer?' It could happen, but I'm more inclined to believe the hunter is experiencing &q

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