Every time my wife and I go out to dinner, on the drive home she says, "I'm kind of in the mood for some ice cream." My usual reply is, "Help yourself you are on your own." As I've said many times before I have a love-hate relationship with ice cream.

As a child, I had a love affair with ice cream in every flavor imaginable. I would eat ice cream 24/7. However, as I've gotten older, I have to take it a lot slower for several reasons. Fast forward to today, and I replied, "Yes, ice cream sounds great. What would you like?"

I am the chauffeur that drives the ice cream queen around town. I asked, "Do you want me to pick up some Blue Bell or go to a shop somewhere?" Donna said, "I want a Blizzard." I had to remember where those came from - Dairy Queen, of course.

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So she talked me into ordering one for myself. Trying to stay true to my Blue Bell, I ordered a small Blizzard and told the lady at the drive-thru, "I don't know what you have, but I want a chocolate overdose or anything close to that."

They fixed me what they call a "Royal Ultimate Choco Brownie Blizzard". That got me thinking about what other places there are here in Abilene that offer ice cream.

So I posed the question on the radio station's Facebook page: "Where to get ice cream in Abilene?" Someone recommended Larry's Better Burger. Another said to try Lucy's in South Abilene. A lot of listeners suggested Two Profs near ACU, The Roll ShackCold Stone, Baskin Robbins, Mary’s Paleteria, Over the Rainbow Ice Cream in Brownwood, and of course Dairy Queen. Some said, "Nothing beats Blue Bell." I say amen to that.

So if you're hankering for some creamy frozen goodness, Abilene is a great place with many choices. Even though some listeners said, "We need a Braum's Ice Cream in Abilene", I believe we have plenty of awesome ice cream shops here in the Key City.

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