So Haagen-Dazs is known for their delicious ice creams, sorbets and stick treats. However, they are about to debut something that might not sound to appealing; vegetable flavored ice cream.

It sounds like a good idea, combining your vegetables with your ice cream but I'm not sure about the taste. The two flavors, which can be seen on the Japan Haagen-Dazs Facebook, are Tomato/Cherry and Carrot/Orange. Just because they are the same colors doesn't mean they should be combined.

The new flavors will hit the market in Japan next month. It is said to contain about half the milk of regular ice cream, so it might be a little healthier version of the sweet treat.

That being said, there are no plans at this time to bring this version to the U.S. market so everyone relax and continue on with your white chocolate raspberry truffle, dulce de leche and cookie dough pints.

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