ice cream

Police Prank Drivers
A couple of Quincy, California Police officers took to the streets to show off a 'kinder, gentler' side of the badge. They pulled over unsuspecting innocent drivers and made them believe they'd done something wrong. Instead of citations, the cops gave the drivers some ice cream. One driver was was so shaken by it, she was crying. Check it out.
Ben & Jerry’s ‘OccuPie Wall Street’ Flavor Should Be Real
Ice cream wizards Ben & Jerry’s have been outspoken in their support of the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protests. Sadly, the “new” B&J’s flavor “OccuPie Wall Street” is not real. Turns out it’s a spoof done by the folks at Tauntr as a follow-up to their Occupy Sesame Street parody that popped up on the Web earlier this week.