You may not notice, but there tends to be a lot of product turnover in the snack food industry. To me, it seems as though every time I get hooked on a product, it disappears from store shelves. Jell-O Pudding Pops. Clearly Canadian Sparkling Cherry water. O'boisies Potato Chips. PB Max candy bars. All gone from store shelves. The list goes on. I don't know where all these wonderfully decadent products have gone, but I'm looking at one of the products that has taken their place on store snack shelves.

Hostess has introduced a new line of soft baked cookies. They are sitting on my desk, calling out my name as I type. More importantly to you, they made their debut on the shelves of the Abilene Walmart yesterday. After making a promise to myself and my wife that I would make better choices in my diet, I'm given 2 bags of cookies. 130 calories per cookie. Chocolate chip, and my favorite, iced oatmeal.

I'm sorry Brenda. I'm doing this for the job. If I don't eat at least one of each of these, I have not properly researched this story.


Wow. These are good. The iced oatmeal cookies alone are good enough to forget pudding pops and O'boises forever.Or, at least until this package is gone.

Chaz was coaxed into my office to try the chocolate chip cookie.


He likes them, to say the least. I think he was having a bad day, and one Hostess soft baked chocolate cookie "made it all better". He then darted out of the room, stating that he'd better leave now before he eats the whole bag.

Fair warning: when I decide I like a specific food or drink, they tend to disappear from store shelves, never to be seen again. Like the Marathon candy bar.

Do you have a favorite snack that's no longer around? Is there a new snack you really like?

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