When you come across a job listing or advertisement that says "no degree or experience necessary," what does that really mean? Generally, it means that the employer is open to hiring people who do not have a traditional college degree or any specific experience in the position they're hiring for.

Additionally, this can be an entry-level position or a job where the future employer is willing to train you for that specific job. While it's not stated anywhere, it is assumed that a high school diploma or GED may be required.

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That said, how much are you making at your current job? Are you looking to increase your income? Do you want to make a change in your career path? The following list published by Indeed.com will give you some ideas as to what is available and how much more income is possible.

Check out what job openings are available around these parts of Texas, and consider what your financial future looks like. While you're at it, give a look at Indeed's "Trade-Jobs 101" training video as well.

High-Paying Jobs in Texas For Those With No Experience

  1. Line installer - Average base salary: $33,608 per year
  2. Building inspector - Average base salary: $44,744 per year
  3. Chemical plant system operator - Average base salary: $46,516 per year
  4. Telecommunications technician - Average base salary: $46,781 per year
  5. Firefighter - Average base salary:$47,480 per year
  6. Executive assistant - Average base salary:$50,692 per year
  7. Fabricator - Average base salary:$54,577 per year
  8. Electronics technician - Average base salary:$57,618 per year
  9. Yard manager - Average base salary: $62,305 per year
  10. Model maker - Average base salary: $63,957 per year
  11. Plant supervisor - Average base salary: $65,603 per year
  12. Apprentice electrician - Average base salary: $66,860 per year
  13. Alarm technician - Average base salary: $69,708 per year
  14. Construction project manager - Average base salary: $77,054 per year
  15. Concrete pump operator - Average base salary: $78,672 per year
  16. Power plant operator - Average base salary: $79,930 per year
  17. Real estate agent - Average base salary: $104,559 per year
    Source & job links: Indeed.com 

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