Summer Jobs for Teens
Teens looking for a summer jobs have a number of places to apply. One major advantage to looking for a job nowadays, is that nearly all businesses want you to apply online. Here are the best resources to help you find summer employment. Good luck!
Weekend Box Office Report: ‘The Butler’ Disarms ‘Kick-Ass 2′
There's something thematically appropriate about a movie telling the story of a butler who quietly influenced the United States taking the number one spot at the box office over its flashy, bigger rivals. Lee Daniels' 'The Butler' took multiplexes by storm this weekend, taking down last week's competition as well as a handful of seemingly strong newcomers.
5 Excellent Networking Sites to Help You Find Jobs
As soon as you knew you wanted (or needed) a new job, you got on Facebook and let all your friends and connections there know what you could do and that you were available, right? You probably also went straight to LinkedIn and quickly made a profile there so people could find the awesomely productive employee that is you. But the phone didn’t start ringing. That’s not because networking online fo
New York City Bartender Makes $96,000 A Year Slinging Drinks
Shred your useless college degree — or stop going to college altogether — and start hitting the liquor cabinet. It's sound advice. A New York City bartender said she made $96,000 last year while bartending at a luxury hotel. Sarah Speros claimed the starting wage at her hotel is $26 per hour, plus tips, insurance, holiday pay and overtime...

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