Dressing up for Halloween is fun. It's fun to get the make-up, the costumes, the accessories. Most of the accessories are easy to use and wear. Most of the time we just assume that since it is on the shelf it is safe.  However, sometimes that isn't the case.  Halloween make-up and accessories could be a danger to kids.

This is a story out of Erie, PA about a girl who wanted to be a peacock for Halloween and had an eye shadow tattoo was applied to her eye as a part of her costume.

The mother had stated that she purchased this particular product at Walmart and it was distributed by a company called Fright Night.  Other stores that sell this brand of product are Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy, and KMart.  You can get the entire list of retailers here.

Was this just a chemical reaction to this girl's body, or would this cause a burn on most children. Why are products like this being sold?  The doctor in this video said that most of the chemicals in this tattoo aren't FDA approved for the face. In fact, the FDA sent out an alert about certain temporary tattoos containing additives not approved by the FDA.  If this is the case then why is this company still making this type of product?

Has your child ever had a reaction to temporary tattoos, play make-up, etc?

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