Election Terror Threat
U.S. intelligence officials have warned federal and local law enforcement of chatter indicating potential attacks by al-Qaeda terrorists in Texas, Virginia, and New York Monday.
Panty Burglar Strikes Again In Lufkin Area
The now-infamous "panty burglar" has struck again in the Lufkin Area. The Lufkin Daily News reports that the incident is the 17th burglary in the area that involves the removal of women's and girls' underwear. The incidents have been occurring over the past couple of years.
TV News Anchors On Air Fail [VIDEO]
I've had my moments, while "live on air" and either something slips out or others aren't paying attention and they walk right into my open microphone and something goes over the airwaves that is not supposed to air. This video shows that radio people aren't the only ones that get caught in those awkward moments. I know when it happens to me, all I want to do is crawl under a big rock. Ch