If everybody had a Ferrari, across the USA, then everybody'd be cruisin', like Californ-I-A. You'd see 'em wearin' their baggies, Huarache sandals, too. A bushy bushy blonde hairdo, Cruisin' USA. Yeah, everybody's gone cruisin'... Cruisin' USA! Now that you're in a nostalgic mood to play that classic driving video game, look no further than today's Free App of the Day -- Final Freeway!

Final Freeway is a well-reviewed tribute game to classic arcade driving titles like Cruising USA and Outrun. If you've never played those golden oldies, they are all about speed, speed, and more speed! What's really fun about them is how they accomplish this in 2D. The car basically stays where it is and it's up to you to react to the road that's coming at you.

The touch controls are smooth and react well to your small movements. Zipping in and out of lanes, cutting off cars, and blowing by different environments is smooth as silk. Final Freeway also matches the look and feel of these old '80s mainstays with great music and a cheesy, winking polish.

Put the top down on that ruby red hot rod and download a copy of Final Freeway today for your iPhone and iPad!

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