In today's society, we are seeing more and more children with anger management issues/problems.  And still a significant number of Americas youth have violent outbreaks. According to some of findings from the Department of Health Education and Welfare, the anger / v0ilent children are usually boys.  Often these boys are trying to gain the respect from their peers by taking on a posture of strength and hostility. When something goes wrong, violence is their only recourse. One commonality of these young boys in trouble is that they don't have an strong father figure in their daily life. reports that one cause to the anger issues is the absence of a healthy male role model in a boys everyday life. Even when there is no healthy male role model in the home, one can only hope for other accessible men, preferably in the schools. Unfortunately, at a time when boys need the guiding hand of a man, they are surrounded by women: loving mothers and well-intentioned female educators.

The negative effects of not having a man around show up as early as third grade. If these boys don't learn to channel their aggressive energies in constructive ways, they will likely end up in prison, on probation, hopelessly hooked on drugs and alcohol, or even dead.

With no father at home, the next best option for socializing boys into productive members of society is education. Schools provide opportunities for men to influence young boys.

More men are needed in the classroom as teachers or at churches, scouting or neighborhood pillars of strength. More men are needed walking the hallways, neighborhoods and playgrounds, providing a role model image and support, proving that education is needed to succeed.

Young boys crave a father or father figure's presence, and when they don't get it, they will commonly cause trouble in the female environment or look for ways to get out of it and into a more male setting-often an unhealthy male environment, like gangs.

A consistent father or father figure checks in more than just weekly or monthly. Each day this culture puts pressure on boys to wear over-sized clothes or listen to rap music. So they need a father's daily guidance on issues like drugs and alcohol, sexual responsibility, handling anger, and the importance of staying focused on lifelong learning. Boys need to know that the man in their life will be there for them, no matter what.

source: Health News Digest