Every time I have friends and family come to visit in Abilene, I get asked the question, "what is there fun to do in Abilene?" Granted we don't have a Six Flags or Schlitterbahn water park, but we do have several other fun, scenic, and entertaining attractions for kids of all ages.

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First off, Abilene was designated as the "Storybook Capital of Texas" by the state legislature in 2015, and then trademarked the “Storybook Capital of America" in 2018. The two titles were granted because we have so many fun-filled downtown attractions that keep young minds entertained.

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Then there's Abilene's rich heritage and history with museums of all kinds, including the Dyess Air Museum with really cool vintage airplanes on display. We must not forget the awesome Abilene Zoo. Then about 15 miles southwest of Abilene, we are lucky to have our very own beautiful Abilene State Park with some great hiking nature trails, camping sites, and community fishing at Lake Abilene that's within the State Park.

Oh, and by the way, Abilene does have a small water park (open during the summer months only) it's called Adventure Cove with crazy water slides and a lazy river. So if a kid or family member ever asks you if there is "anything fun to do in Abilene?" Simply show them this list and ask them "so what do you want to do first?"

All year round there is always something fun and exciting to do in and around Abilene. At the end of the day, all you'll have to say is "Abilene is awesome!"

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