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One of my favorite country artists to chat with is Dustin Lynch, and he affirmed that right off the bat in my latest interview. He started our conversation by telling me he was in Texas doing some hunting and heard my show on the radio and was jamming out, that was pretty darn cool, I must say.

Dustin has a new album dropping this week called Blue in the Sky, and I have had a chance to listen to it. I think you're really going to love it. Dustin — a songwriter as well — opens up his heart on this album, and explains to me in this interview why. There is a song on the new project that is called "Break It on a Beach" which is all about heartbreak and breaking up while on a beach vacation.

The interesting part is when Dustin told me it's all a true story about his latest breakup, but it's written from her point of view. He told me that he was on a writers retreat with his then-girlfriend, Kelly, and it hit him that he had to part ways with her while they were on the beach. He told me she will probably hate him even more after hearing it.

We also talked about how it's coming up on the 10-year anniversary of his debut single, "Cowboys and Angels," what a wild ride it has been so far, and how excited he is for what's to come. Fans love this song and he's tried to write another like it, but that has been difficult. Listen as he explains why.

We then talked about the chance of Dustin maybe opening his own honky-tonk in Nashville, like a ton of other country stars have done. He said he already has a honky-tonk though — find out where when you check out Taste of Country Nights on Demand Episode 22 with Dustin Lynch.

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