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On a shopping trip to the grocery store with my wife Donna, I noticed she was getting a lot of the kinds of foods I refer to as "kiddie snack food." These are the kinds of foods I see our children and grandchildren eat all the time. I asked her "what's with all these kiddie snack foods?"

She gave me the stare then said, "spring break is coming up and the kids need things so they can grab something to eat and/or snack on. These are all the foods the kids can prepare themselves quick and safe." Here is what I saw on the list.

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When I asked why she was adamant about keeping foods around that they could prepare themselves and why they just didn't wait until it was supper time, like the rest of us, and furthermore, why do they get snacks to snack on all day long?

That's when I heard the old MC Hammer line come out of her mouth, saying "Ring the bell, school is in session." Being that she's been in and around the medical field all her life she explained as follows.

Kid's metabolisms are entirely different from ours, and they are calorie-burning machines and they need fuel and protein. Plus they have to stay hydrated if we want healthy children.

To which I responded by saying "yes we do because I need help mowing the lawn and taking out the trash so let us load up and have a bunch of healthy kiddos to do yard work so I don't have to.

After raising eight kids I'm pretty sure Donna knows what she's doing. I thought I'd share with you what we keep on hand in the house for spring break and if there are any bad weather days where kids are locked in.

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