Blake Shelton's 2013 mega-hit, "Boys 'Round Here," gets a kid-friendly new treatment thanks to Rockabye Baby, a lullaby brand that recasts favorite songs by artists including the Beatles, Adele, Taylor Swift and many more for the littlest music fans out there.

Re-imagined as an instrumental track full of bells, gentle percussion, glockenspiel and xylophone, the new version of "Boys 'Round Here" is just one song on a 12-track collection of Shelton hits titled Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Blake Shelton. To go along with the song is a sweet, animated music video starring the same bear who appears in many of Rockabye Baby's other videos.

The clip follows the bear and his pet dog as they careen down a carefree back road, the bear riding his tricycle and pulling the dog in a red wagon behind him. Soon, the two friends reach their destination: A forest party, with a squirrel DJ'ing from a hole in a tree as a giraffe, floppy-eared rabbit and elephant dance to the music.

The Rockabye Baby video tips its hat to the original "Boys 'Round Here" music video on a couple of occasions, mirroring Shelton's jacked-up red pickup truck from the original with a red tricycle and wagon, and trading in Shelton's backwoods house party for a party full of forest animals.

Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Blake Shelton arrived on Feb. 4. The complete collection features old-school Shelton classics including "Austin" and "Ol' Red," plus newer hits including "God's Country" and even "Nobody But You" and "Happy Anywhere," Shelton's two recent chart-topping duets with his pop superstar wife, Gwen Stefani.

Shelton's wide-spanning appeal, his classic country approach and mainstream recognition as a coach on The Voice all played into the lullaby company's decision to create an album full of Shelton songs, says Rockabye Baby founder Lisa Roth.

"It's true that Blake Shelton is a massive country artist. He's also an unexpected pop culture icon, giving him the opportunity to introduce an amazing genre to a mainstream, Top 40 audience who might not have listened in the past," Roth notes. "We couldn't be more thrilled to share our lullaby renditions of such a huge star. And when talking about Blake Shelton, you can't get more classic than 'Boys 'Round Here.' Enjoy!"

In mid-2021, Rockabye Baby issued another collection of classics from a country superstar: Dolly Parton.

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