Abilene's Animal Shelter is hosting a special community event to help those that are needing some assistance with cat and or dog food, collars, leashes, identification chips, spay and neuter and vaccinations. The Abilene Animal Shelter's Director Mike Bricker says "I hope this is the first of many more community events to come."

Bricker is hoping that these community events will bring neighbors together to help one another out in caring for our pets during these strenuous times. He said he's looking forward to going into the neighborhoods that are needing the most assistance and getting their cats and dogs micro-chipped, fixed and vaccinated.

The goal is to get as many dogs and cats fixed to cut down on the number of animals that the city has to deal with annually. The numbers are looking favorable for 2020 as more cats, dogs, kittens and puppies were adopted. Meaning that the shelter is not having to euthanize as many as have been put to sleep in prior years.

This upcoming 'Community Outreach Event' will be offering free micro-chip implants for dogs and cats. Plus dog and cat food, leashes and collars will also be given away to help better care for our fur babies.

Furthermore, the goal is to make sure that those pets that need to be fixed will have an opportunity to get a low cost spay or neuter voucher. The Community Outreach Event is this Saturday, January 30th at 140 Mulberry Street at the Station 1 Venue, near downtown Abilene.

Join your neighbors for some fur baby fun from 1 PM till 4 PM this Saturday. Bricker encourages everyone to bring their pets and if you don't have a collar or a leash he says "we will be giving them out along with the free micro-chipping and low cost spay-neuter vouchers."

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Photo by: Abilene Animal Shelter
Photo by: Abilene Animal Shelter

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