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The Abilene Animal Services shelter is offering barn cats that are sterilized, ear tipped, shots up to date, and totally free (while they last). Now, you may be asking yourself what are barn cats or what are barn cats good for?

I'm glad you asked because they are in my opinion barn cats are a great defense in keeping the snake population down all your barn, shed, and backyard. Cats are great exterminators, they eat lots of bugs and keep the mice and rat population down thus keeping the snakes from looking for dinner in your barn.

I believe that barn cats (since the beginning of time) have been a farmer and rancher's best friend and an awesome critter guard. Cats will save you money too, by keeping the unwanted rodents from chewing, destroying, and or getting into your other animals' feed.

According to the Belmont Animal Rescue Group: Mice and rats are known to carry tapeworms and numerous other nasty parasites that could infect your other animals. As a matter of fact, mice are carriers of about 45 different diseases, including and not limited to salmonellosis, pasteurellosis, leptospirosis, swine dysentery, trichinosis, toxoplasmosis, and rabies. Source: Belmont Animal Group

Now, the best part about this adoption is that it's absolutely free and all the barn cats are completely sterilized, ear-tipped, and will have up-to-date shots. The Abilene Animal Services shelter is located at 925 South 25th Street in Abilene and they're open from 11 AM until 6 PM, Monday thru Saturday.

if you are ready to adopt some barn cats you must know that there is no limit as to how many barn cats you can adopt. More importantly, be aware that nearly all of the cats are feral and some may have never been handled other than for vaccinations, sterilization, and a health check-up.

If you are needing any further information contact Amanda with the Community Cat Program at Abilene Animal Services by calling 325-698-0085. Remember, you can make your barn a happier place with these awesome, lovable low maintenance fur babies that are fixed. It's time to give all orphaned animals a forever home.

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Photo by: Abilene Animal Shelter / Karen Holland
Photo by: Abilene Animal Shelter / Mari Cockrell / Karen Holland

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