For their remix of “God Only Knows,” contemporary Christian duo For King & Country enlisted the help of a fellow multi-Grammy winning beacon of faith, Dolly Parton. Press play above to hear their heavenly new collaboration.

The Nashville-via-Australia duo released a different version of "God Only Knows" back in January. What some might expect to be a Beach Boys cover is a For King & Country original that offers a faith-based solution to severe depression and suicidal thoughts.

Parton tells the Tennessean that that the song's message touched her when she first heard For King & Country's original version: “It was like God spoke," the country icon shares. "I thought [of] so many people with all their problems … I just felt like this song touched everything people struggle with. There’s just such a peace and love and sweetness about it, and I really think this song says what we need to be hearing right now.”

For King & Country member Joel Smallbone first wanted to collaborate with Parton after he and his wife, fellow Christian performer Moriah Peters, watched the Netflix film Dumplin', for which Parton composed new music. Fortunately for Smallbone and his brother Luke, Parton just happened to be looking for more faith-based projects when she was contacted about performing on a song she already loved.

“Hearing her sing that chorus and those words, it’s a little bit out-of-body as both artists and writers,” Joel Smallbone tells the Tennessean of Parton's involvement on "God Only Knows." “It’s that rare moment when you’re like, ‘That’s always how it was meant to be.' "It’s pretty remarkable.”

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