The bad weather that blew through the area last night took it's toll on the KEAN complex as well as destroying parts of the building directly around the TownSquare Media / KEAN complex.

KEAN Satellite Dish Destroyed By High Winds

Here are some of the pictures of the damage that I encountered this morning at first daylight.

There is much discussion from the employees at the convenience store, radio station and curious on lookers, as to what actually had enough power to do this much damage and yet leave other building and structures untouched.

I contacted the National Weather Service and according to them we can count out a tornado and or funnel cloud. What the official word is that extremely high winds did much of the damage here in the Big Country early this morning.

Wes-T-Go Convenience Store Damaged By High Winds

Considerable damage was also reported at Abilene Lumber on Industrial Boulevard, as well as other locations in Abilene.

The Abilene Regional Airport received .85 inch of rain. The town of Hamby recorded .42 inch of rain and Dyess Air Force Base says they received .38 inch of rain from the isolated thunderstorm.

More Storms are predicted for late this afternoon and through tonight. Stay tuned to KEAN for weather updates.