The San Angelo National Weather Service office just released a list of the "Most Significant Weather Events for 2014." Once again I am surprised at what was the "most significant" weather event. While I personally experienced the hail storm of 2014 inside the radio station's van in downtown Abilene during ArtWalk. I thought that hail storm was number one, I thought wrong.

The kind of weather we experienced here in West Texas could be a single event or a combination of: hail, flash floods, tornadoes, drought, wildfires, wind storms and winter storms. Below are five of the most significant weather events for 2014 as reported by the National Weather Service office of San Angelo.

5) The Drought of 2014

West Central Texas was considered to be in extreme to exceptional drought conditions (according the US Drought Monitor) until early May. By late May the rains came, alleviating the drought south of Interstate 20. Nevertheless, the drought continued to plague everyone north of Interstate 20. it wasn't until November that the drought conditions were lifted there. Even though the late November and December rains came to much of West Central Texas, drought continue in Haskell, Throckmorton and Shackelford Counties.

4) The Hard Freeze in late April

A late freeze that occurred on April 15th, 2014 had temperatures plummeting down to the lower twenties across much of West Central Texas causing serious damage to crops. Below freezing temperatures were recorded as far south as San Angelo. The cost of the late freeze to the winter wheat crop was unknown but is believed to be in the millions.

3) Severe Thunderstorms on June 11th 

With the late freeze just behind us a round of severe thunderstorms mainly along and west of a line from Anson to just northwest of Carlsbad NM. These storms produced damaging winds, causing damage roofs, trees, utility lines and knocking down utility poles. the winds gusted to approximately 95 mph in San Angelo. A couple of tornadoes were also reported with this storm causing damage to the metal roof on a Church in Rotan.

2) Hail and Severe Thunderstorms on June 12th 

A Severe thunderstorm brought on hail the size of softballs and damaging winds in excess of 75 mph. This storm injured 12 and caused 400 million dollars of damage (according the Insurance Journal) to vehicles, roofs and buildings. It is the most expensive hail storms to ever hit Abilene. The town of Rochelle was hit with destructive thunderstorm winds exceeding 90 mph. Ballinger reported 4 and a half inch size hail, while the airport in Brady reported wind gusts at 78 mph.

1) Sever Winter & Ice Storm on February 11th

This winter storm brought with it light drizzle and freezing temperatures, causing hazardous walking and driving conditions. As conditions worsened, schools, businesses and government offices throughout West Texas closed for the day. Three people were killed and one was injured in Tom Green County when an ambulance traveling from Sterling City to San Angelo on. U.S. Highway 87 flipped over and burned.

Hector Gerrero the Warning and Coordination Meteorologist for the Natl. Weather Service in San Angelo says "I picked February's storm as the most significant weather event because one cannot put a value on life."

Source: Hector Gerrero NWS San Angelo 

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