Should I deliver my wife's Valentine's Day gift to her at her work personally or have someone else deliver it, like the florist? The reason I'm asking is because my two former morning show partners convinced me that it's best if a delivery guy does it.

First off, my wife works in a doctor's office; sometimes there are patients in there, sometimes not. A few years ago I had a local singing quartet known as the Memory Men stop by and sing her a love song, and hand her flowers, a box of chocolates, and her Valentine's Day card. Big mistake. My wife was embarrassed beyond belief and she called me to let me know we were going to have a talk when we got home.

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That evening I learned from my wife that without a doubt it would have been fine for the Memory Men to deliver everything except the singing. Had I delivered the flowers, chocolates, and the Valentine's Day card that would have been fine as well.

The year I gifted her a new wedding ring for Valentine's Day I slid into her office quietly,  dropped down to one knee (as if I was proposing), and gave her the ring set. That is the only time that I think I got it right for Valentine's Day.

I have since then learned from the ladies here at the radio station. They say it's better when their partners stops in because they can now show off their man. This will also tell all the other coworkers, "My man ain't no schmuck that just popped for a dozen roses." Deliver the flowers yourself and take her out for a romantic Valentine's Day lunch while you're at it.

Happy Valentine's Day, lovebirds.

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