Valentine's Day is the one holiday I do not look forward to, simply because I go into high anxiety gear as I decide what to give the love of my life. As we get closer to our 40th anniversary, I reflect on how much easier it was to come up with gift ideas when she dropped hints.

I try to get my sweetie (or as I refer to her, "the girl of my dreams") a gift that screams, "Rudy got me this gift for Valentine's Day, WOW!" I firmly believe the best gift I ever gave her for Valentine's was the year when I noticed that her wedding ring was looking dull. That year I bought her a brand-new, bigger, better-looking wedding ring set.

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Since then, I can't seem to top that gift, because she tells everyone who comments about her wedding ring, "My dear husband surprised me with this for Valentine's Day." So I've moved on to giving her "unique Texas gifts" that convey "Rudy went shopping here in town with me in mind."

My first Texas-inspired gift was a custom-made Texas mule deer antler utility knife that she uses when she cooks (she loves cooking). I recently asked our listeners on air and on social media, "What's a great Texas Valentine's Day gift idea?" Below are some of the ideas listeners shared.

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Fearless Fave Five Texas-Themed Gift Ideas:

  1. Texas-themed jewelry
  2. Firearm, Gun, Rifle
  3. Candies By Vletas chocolate-covered strawberries 
  4. Scented candles with "Texas" aromas like leather, bluebonnets, cotton, new truck
  5. Texas-themed purse or wallet
    Thanks to Charlie at CDNN Sports and Montana Western Wear for the photos.

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