David Nail is a talented singer and songwriter. That we know. But when it comes to some of his hidden talents, the singer proudly says he has a couple, which include cooking a mean steak — in the oven no less — and knowing just about anything and everything there is about sports.

“Name me an athlete,” Nail tells Taste of Country, encouraging us to test his talents. We cited a beloved baseball pitcher, Shawn Estes.

“I do know that he pitched for the [San Francisco] Giants and wore No. 55,” Nail recites. “You know who also wore No. 55 is Orel Hershiser and Jason Williams who was the point guard for the Sacramento Kings for a while. Then he also played for the Memphis Grizzlies and the Orlando Magic and Miami Heat.”

“That’s my hidden talent, but it’s not really hidden because I talk about it all the time on Twitter and people get mad and complain,” he adds of his never-ending sports knowledge.

While Nail is completely dedicated and focused on his career as a country music singer, he does admit that, someday, stepping into the sports world — like hosting a radio program — would be something he would definitely love to do.

“I’d be really good at it,” he says with a smile. “That’s always been my dream, to do a sports talk radio show. I would love to just yell at people because it drives me crazy. I have to be so politically correct on Twitter. I can’t really tell people what I want when they say dumb stuff  — not about me; I’m talking about just in general … commentators and stuff. I want to be like, ‘You’re an idiot. You have never played sports in your whole life so why are you giving your opinion?’ But I’m sure people would say that about me once I started!”

For the time being, Nail will have to settle for simple playing (and tweeting about) sports. But we think he’s got a future in sports in some form!

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