David Lynch is known mostly for his strange storytelling method and cavalcade of hard to understand but still fun to watch movies. But he's also a passionate music lover and musician himself. He's been making music for just as long as he's been a filmmaker, and yes, his music often matches his films in oddness.

He looks so young in this video. We all know him as having this big head full of silver hair and kinda puffy jowls. But here, his face is lean and his mop of hair is dark brown. It is funny to note, however, that although his hair color has changed, his hairstyle is pretty much the same as it was 30 years ago.

Lynch has always had a flair for descriptive language, and this flair is on full display here as he describes the then-burgeoning "New Wave" sound. Apparently, it's the smell and screams of a cow who's head is grinding against the highway as it travels in the back of a truck going 70 miles an hour. That definitely describes the band that he's introducing, though we'd say most other New Wave bands like the Talking Heads, Blondie and Television never really attained that level of gruesomeness.

The band that's in the video, the Irritators, are aptly named. They play an instrumental tune that bounces back and forth between catchy and, well, irritating. We're guessing the guy playing the synthesizers came up with the band name. It was either him or the dude running around with the tambourine. Maybe it was his pet cow who got its face stuck in that truck Lynch described, and so he decided to take his anger and frustration out on the people around him via this band. The song does get stuck in your head, though.

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