I recently did as blog on Blake Shelton's new song and that it had some "Country Rap" infused in it. Well, Blake Shelton is not the only artist to bring "Rap" to the Country Music forefront. In fact I seem to recall that the first time I heard a country artist do a "Country Rap" song was in the '80's when the Bellamy Brothers released the song called "Country Rap." While the song played well on the radio, it was apparent that not many in the industry took it seriously. In the '90's Neal McCoy gave it a go, with his song called "Hillbilly Rap."

Today Jason Aldean seems to be leading the way nowadays, Blake Shelton has jumped in too. I still believe that Colt Ford is the God Father of Country Rap, being that he has had a hand in writing several songs that are on the country music charts that are infused with some form of 'Country Rap.' Here are my 'Top 5 Country Rap Songs' that I believe have pioneered the way and have captured our attention. Here a list of a few more.


The Bellamy Brothers that had the first real "Country Rap" song to be released. As I recall, many industry leaders were not really hot on the idea of "Country Rap" as a music genre, so the song never made it to No.1.

 Bellamy Brothers - "Country Rap"


Neal McCoy tried his hand at infusing Rap into a country song. While the song did get airplay on country radio. Not many in the industry took the song seriously, I think it's mainly because of the songs content.

Meal McCoy - "Hillbilly Rap"


Cowboy Troy had marginal success with his Country Rap song "I Played Chicken With A Train." However, Troy was not alone in his venture out, he was accompanied by country artists Big & Rich.

Cowboy Troy - "I Played Chicken With A Train"


Colt Ford is the God Father of Country Rap, he's written more of the songs that have made their way to the top of the charts. As a matter of fact, Ford co-wrote the song "Dirt Road Anthem" for Jason Aldean. That song put Aldean on the map. Colt himself has released several in the Country Rap genre.

Colt Ford - "Chicken and Biscuits"


The most successful Country Rap song of all has to be Jason Aldean's Dirt Road Anthem. From the very beginning the song has a way of getting into your brain and then residing there forever.

Jason Aldean - Dirt Road Anthem


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