The Lacs new redneck rap song is "Keep it Redneck" and by the looks of the video, Clay and Brian have no problem following their own advice. The Lacs like to play somewhere between country and southern rock, or as they put it "somewhere between Johnny Cash and Lynyrd Skynyrd." The Lacs third studio album “Keep It Redneck,” hit the store shelves back in August, and not a moment too soon for all their loyal fans. Their fans can’t seem to get enough of these redneck, mud lovin', beer drinkin' home boys.

Check Out The Lacs New "Keep It Redneck" Song and Video

The Lacs are comprised of Clay "Uncle Snap" Sharpe and Brian "Rooster" King. The duo's name is short for "Loud Ass Crackers". These guys just love to have fun.

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