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Whether you want to get rid of some things that are taking up space around your place. Maybe you need to sell some things you've been hoarding for a while or you're looking for that perfect thing-ah-ma-jig that you have been looking for. This is the perfect time to make some serious cash and or spend some of that income tax money you got backat the Wylie Christian Church (WCC) 6250 Buffalo Gap Rd during their WCC Market Days event.

The best part of all of this is, that not only will you be getting rid of things/junk and making some serious money or maybe buying that perfect item you've been looking for. Rest assured that you will be helping out the Wylie Christian Church youth ministry, its youth summer program, and all its youth.

LOOK: These are just some things you'll find at the WCC Market Days

Market Days are back every third Saturday of the month during 2023 from 8 AM until 3 PM

The WCC Disciples member Pastor Roni Stanton says "Our church group is ready to host our monthly Market Days and flea market that will take place every month through at least October, weather permitting." Market Days are the third Saturday of every month, and they usually run from 8 am until 3 pm.

I go to a lot of these church-related sales events. In fact, they are one of my favorite pastimes, and the truth be known "Church Sales" are where I find my most awesome possessions. Case and point, the awesome "Guitar Purse" that I carry Some of my broadcast Gear in when I'm on location broadcasting live. I purchased it at a church rummage sale.

By the way, the Wylie Christian Church is where I cook my Thanksgiving and Christmas meals at and I invite those folks who have no place or family to eat with. Pastor Doug Roysden has let me cook and serve those who would have otherwise been alone on these sacred holidays. I've done this for the last ten to fifteen years and it happens at the WCC.

That said, this is a very special church, and if you want to put some cash in your pockets while helping the Wylie Christian Church Youth Group. Set up a booth and sell your goods or shop at the Wylie Christian Church Market Days, I do and I love it.

So, get your spot reserved early by contacting Pastor Roni at (325) 691-0400. Donations are being accepted at the church. WCC Market Days benefit church youth activities and summer camp, their Outreach Programs, the Noah Project, and the Salvation Army.

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