Warmer weather's here and so are garage sales, arts and crafts fairs, flea markets, and the Wylie Christian Church (WCC) Market Days on Saturday, May 4th (the first Saturday of the month) at 6250 Buffalo Gap Rd. Furthermore, shopping at Market Days helps out the youth at WCC as well as other children from around our community, who also need help and or are homeless and hungry.

WCC member Pastor Roni Stanton says, "Our church group hosts our monthly Market Days, from 8 am until 3 pm. We are raising funds for our youth programs and our numerous outreach programs as well." They will also be doing some raffles to help raise more money.

Shop Local & Support Youth Programs At Wylie Christian Church's Market Days

This is what you will find at Wylie Christian Church's Market Days Sale. Check it out!

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I have attended a lot of these church-related sales events. They are one of my favorite pastimes. Truthfully, "church sales" are where I find some incredible finds. Case in point, the guitar purse I carry my live on-location broadcast gear in, and that awesome air fryer I got my wife.

Furthermore, the Wylie Christian Church is where I prepare meals for those who have no one or no place to have a holiday meal. Pastor Roysden has let me serve meals every year for the last decade, and it happens at the WCC.

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This extraordinary church can help you put some cash in your pocket while helping the WCC youth, set up a booth and sell your goods. Get your spot reserved by contacting Pastor Roni at (325) 691-0400. Donations are also being accepted at the church.

The event takes donations and the vendors' fee and ALL funds go directly to, Vacation Bible School, Funds to send Children to summer camp, sock ministry to local shelters, School book bags with supplies, and finally a Christmas party and shoeboxes of gifts for young adults aging out of Foster Care. (BCFS Transition Center).

WCC Market Days benefit church youth activities, summer camps, outreach programs, the Noah Project, and the Salvation Army. If you are a serious shopper, I have the perfect place for you, the Wylie Christian Church.

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