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Sydney Leveque who is the Marketing Director for the Cultural Affairs Council and the Children's Art and Literacy Festival reminded me that the heard sculpture that can be seen off of the Winter's Freewayin Abilene is not complete. I recall there is one calf missing from the herd.

While this sculpture has seen its fair share of accidents cars running off the road and clipping one or two of the cows then being repaired by the City of Abilene over the years however, within three months of being put on exhibit, someone stole the baby calf that was next to its momma in the display.

Abilene's Cultural Affairs Council has asked for years for the return of The Herds baby calf

To this day that calf has never been recovered, and the Abilene Cultural Affairs Council would love to bring the calf back to its momma. After many years of asking and publicizing the calf is still missing. If you've seen it in a barn or hidden somewhere, please return it.

If you are traveling across Texas and would like to see "The Herd" sculpture display, the actual address is 1765 South Danville Drive Abilene Texas. The Herd is situated next to Abilene Fire Station Number 6 and represents the history of Abilene being a cowtown.

Leveque says that "the history behind artist/sculptor Wayne Amerine's “The Herd” was installed in 1987 as a permanent display after a temporary exhibit in downtown Abilene as part of the Abilene Cultural Affairs Council's Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition."

Sidney added, "The Herd was completed in 1985 and had been seen exhibited grazing its way across the Lone Star State until 1987 when it was permanently placed in Abilene." Amerine’s creation is a fun adaptation of a paper-cut-out style of intersecting planes thus creating a three-dimensional sculpture bringing a peacefully pastoral herd of Holsteins to life."

Artist Wayne Amerine was a Korean War Veteran serving in the U.S Air Force and was a U.S. Navy commissioned artist.

Finally, about the artist, Wayne Amerine was born in Great Bend, Kansas. He studied art at Bethany College, Lindsborg, Kansas, and Kansas City art institute where he graduated with honors in 1949. Amerine was a Korean War Veteran serving in the U.S. Air Force. He was later commissioned by the U.S. Navy as a Combat Artist in Vietnam.

Sadly, Wayne Amerine who loved our country and was passionate about art passed in 2009, but his creation of The Herd lives on forever along the Winters Freeway.

Photo by: Google Maps
Photo by: Google Maps

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