Beautiful butterflies are everywhere in Abilene and for the most part this year, we are seeing thousands of Red Admiral,  Tawny Emperor and Orange-Barred Sulphur butterflies. If you've seen butterflies and want to identify them, do as I did, I turned to the internet.

After taking several pictures I decided to try and identify some of the different butterflies instead of making up names and trying to get my inquisitive 10 year old daughter Angie to buy into my, 'Ferrari Red stripe' butterfly or the 'Brown Eyed Girl' butterfly or the 'Mellow Yellow' butterfly. While I thought my names were really cool, somehow my daughter didn't believe me. I've really enjoyed watching my daughter chasing them and trying to adopt several as pets.

If you would like to answer your kids questions, 'Garden With Wings' is an awesome website that will help you identify the different kinds of butterflies you are seeing.

What is your favorite butterfly? Are you seeing any other kinds of butterflies?