Today's country artists take their workouts pretty seriously, however Brad Paisley, takes to stretching prior to every live show. He has to to keep from hurting himself  while running up and down the stage night after night.

Brad Paisley has added a new element to his pre-show rituals: Saturday, when his H2O Frozen Over Tour comes to Bridgestone Arena, he’ll chose a shirt, grab a new hat (he gives one away to the crowd every night) and spend a good chunk of time stretching before he takes the stage.

The new warm-up routine comes after a bout with intense lower back pain last year, which the country star says may have resulted from an onstage fall during a March 2010 concert in South Carolina. While the pain has now subsided, Paisley says it lasted for his entire summer tour.

“At one point, when we did that stadium show in Boston, I ran and went nuts up and down the catwalk like I do, and the next day we tried to go see a movie and I had to take a break from walking from the car into the theater,” he says. “I had to sit on the benches outside the theater because I couldn’t go any further.”

Paisley sought treatment in Nashville, which consisted of a cortisone injection in his spine and physical rehabilitation. The whole experience made the reigning CMA entertainer of the year approach his job a little more like an athlete would.

“I realized, here I am going out cold for a two-hour show where I run around like an idiot in a pair of cowboy boots, without warming up or anything, carrying around a 10-pound guitar,” he says. “It’s not good for you."

source: The Tennessean Newspaper