Watch Two Guys do an Insane Workout on Chin Up Bar
Check out this insane street workout performance video with exercise gurus Brendan Meyers and Rob Lohnes. They make exercising on a chin-up bar look like child's play. But I kept me hitting the replay button because of the part where it looks like they're climbing stairs.
The 3 Biggest Mistakes People Make in the Gym
Every week, Coach Rick Scarpulla answers questions from readers and gives advice about strength training and fitness. This week, we had a question of our own, so we asked Rick "what are the biggest mistakes people make in the gym?" He pointed out the three most common and suggestio…
The NFL Quarterback Workout Plan
Getty Images
There may not be a Super Bowl ring in your future, but you can still get a body worthy of multi-million dollar contract. Although they have the best trainers money can buy, some of the biggest stars in the NFL get lean and strong with surprisingly simple workouts
Brad Paisley’s Onstage Workout [VIDEO]
Today's country artists take their workouts pretty seriously, however Brad Paisley, takes to stretching prior to every live show. He has to to keep from hurting himself  while running up and down the stage night after night.
Jumping Jack LaLanne Dies At 96 [VIDEO]
Fitness guru Jack LaLanne joked from time to time that dying would ruin his image. Jack LaLanne the first television fitness instructor died this weekend at age 96. It has been said by those in the health care industry, that "if it wasn't for Jack LaLanne this country would be consider…