Body scanning technology that is in use at all of America's airports is now being used in the commercial retail world. The new "Me-Ality" (a play off of the word reality) body scanner is not looking for guns or explosives, but rather to get your real size for a better fit and to help cut down on your shopping time at the mall.

So you say that you are a size 8 when in reality you're a size 7 in Levi jeans or a size 9 in Lee jeans. The Me-Ality body scanner has some people crying fowl, while most women that have stepped into get fitted have come out angry and happy all at once. Texas malls are now being inundated with these new kiosk's showing off the new Me-Ality Body Scanner Fitting Rooms. Me-Ality is a free service because the retailers are paying for this new computerized fitting room to recommend which name brands fit you better than others. So here's the big catch, say Lee, Wrangler,and Levi all paid to have their jeans sizing up-loaded into the Me-Ality computer software then when you step in, the computer measures your every angle and will assist you in finding a better fit with the correct size and the best brand that will best compliment your bodies contour. Many Ft.Worth and Dallas malls have the Me-Ality kiosk's, no plans yet on getting one here at the Mall of Abilene.

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