For many people, becoming a "real" Texan is about the clothes and the culture as much as it's about residency. One popular milestone is owning a pair of cowboy boots — so look no further for a list of awesome Abilene/Big Country retailers for all your "new boot goofin'" needs.

LOOK: Best Boot Shopping in Abilene and the Big Country

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For the uninitiated, cowboy boots can be a tricky buy. The modern boot shopper has many options and customizations available to them — heel style and height, toe shape, color, material, and shaft height to name a few. Of course, no two pairs of boots fit the same, and as my mother said, "Good boots aren't cheap and cheap boots aren't good." Unfortunately, cowboy boots are one of the few purchases better made in person than online.

However, for Abelinians and Big Country residents, the area's cowboy heritage means there's no shortage of great places to buy great boots. Whether you want something directly off the shelf or you're looking to invest in a custom-made pair, there are purveyors at every price point on this list.

Not all businesses listed here are located in Abilene proper, either. Smaller towns around Abilene like Graham, Tuscola, Sweetwater, and Colorado City all can offer selections rivaling those of the "big city".

So whether you're new to Texas or West Texas specifically or if you're looking for back-to-school boots, you don't have to look any further than Abilene and the Big Country.

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