It's no secret that Blake Shelton has a sense of humor. He’s one of those rare stars who will turn the joke on himself before goofing on someone else. You have to appreciate that about Shelton. Well, maybe until now. As if his Twitter profile picture isn't silly enough (Shelton resting his head on the shoulder of 'The Voice' coach Cee Lo Green), this recent Tweet takes silly to another level.

Along with the tweet,  “Whew!!! So exhausted from our latest @NBCTheVoice photo shoot…”, Shelton just shared a photo on Twitter, from what he claimed to be a result from a ‘The Voice’ “photo shoot,”.  The pic features Blake’s face photoshopped over a sexily-clad woman’s body, with fellow coach Adam Levine close behind and shirtless.

Miranda Lambert recently said that she sometimes stops following her husband on social network sites when he gets too off the wall. I’m willing to bet this disturbing photo will result in a Miranda disappearing act from Blake’s account.

What do you think of the picture? Does Blake’s sense of humor go too far with this picture, or is it all in good, clean fun? You be the judge.